Super Farmer - Battle Against Climate Change

In a world towards urbanisation an indian farmer gets plant superpowers and he is on a mission to bring back the ecological balance. Will his powers be enough?  Can he save the world from planetary dangers ? Find out in Super Farmer-Battle against climate change.

It is the first comic book from our production house and stands for a cause read the entire 15 episodes and get inspired on what you can do to bring out the superhero in you. 

The Handyman Series

Empowered with a mystic glove Handyman has all the skills that a man could ever have but luckily he chooses to help people. He became a superhero.  

Super Moo

With inherited mystic powers from Nandi the mystic, Super Moo fights crime, solves problems and at times save the world join Super Moo in his wonderful adventures.

Bicon V

A scientist with a childhood trauma invents a machine Bicon V. With which anyone he can penetrate neural functions of anyone's brain remotely making them an upgraded human conscious.  But if the machine falls in the wrong hand it could cause more devastating problems, read Bicon V to experience the science fiction story.

Stan's Theory of everything 

Join Stan in a quest for the ultimate truth, the young boy builds his vision by connecting the dots around his life. How close is he in finding the theory of everything ? Read to find out more.

Mongolian Minister

Mongolian Minister" is a thrilling comic book that takes place in ancient India during the time of ruthless Mongolian conquests. The story follows the journey of the Mongolian Minister, sent by the Emperor to infiltrate and conquer this foreign land. But what he encounters is far beyond his expectations. India's unique topography, its people, and its ancient secrets prove to be a formidable defense against any intruder.

The comic book is filled with action-packed scenes of battles, ancient magic, and political intrigue. The story highlights the clash of cultures and the power of ancient knowledge. The artwork is stunning and captures the essence of the story. "Mongolian Minister" is a must-read for anyone who loves historical fiction, action, and adventure.


Gold ma, Behold the only limit will be in your mind, Wealth shall flow for you who is the chosen one., I Brahmarishi will empower you with a boon”  

The Brahmarishi offers a boon to a 50 year old women, Gold ma sets out on a journey to avenge her broken past and set things right for the younger generation. Will her past affect her mission? Will her boon be enough?  

Devil's Gift

It is completely illegal in mega city for reckless driving and street racing as the crimes like chain snatching hit and run is on the high in city.

Shuvan and his team loves to ride bikes they are the best of the best and every other riders pay their respect to them in the city.  

The team goes on a Vigilante adventures to suppress street outlaw and brings a recognition and rename for the Riders in the city.

Don’t miss to read the exiting adventures of Shuvan and his team in his “Devil’s Gift”

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Disclaimer: This story is purely imaginary and is intended for entertainment purpose only.